Onshore Cables
AC, DC, HV, LV, MV, Power Generation, Static, Utility
HV/MV/LV power, control, instrumentation and fibre optic cables for energy, petrochemical, and process applications. We can also provide other international and bespoke standards.
Downhole ESP Cables
AC, DC, Dynamic, Oil&Gas, Static, Subsea
ESP cable engineered to work under the extreme conditions in an oil well. Oil wells are very different in nature, considering setting depth, temperature, pressure, physical dimensions and presence of corrosive / erosive (H2S etc.). These variations require careful cable design for each application.
Offshore AC Power
Dynamic, HV, LV, MV, Oil&Gas, Power Generation, Static, Submarine power cable, Subsea, Utility
LV MV & HV AC cables, for installation in mechanically static or dynamic conditions, submarine. Connecting your subsea infrastructure to your topside facilities. Specifically designed & optimised for your project life, delivered on schedule to specification.
Offshore DC Power
Dynamic, LV, MV, Oil&Gas, Power Generation, Static, Submarine power cable, Subsea, Utility
DC subsea electrical cables include: Single or multi-core, high, medium or low voltage, advanced materials, lead-free, optimal component sizes and geometries, armoured or non-armoured, integrated fibre optic cables
Undersea ESP Cables
AC, DC, Dynamic, Oil&Gas, Static, Subsea
Taking advantage of the most advanced materials, developed through research and testing, ESP power cables are designed and manufactured to optimise the ESP installed time. A standard design is suitable for most well conditions, but bespoke designs are required for challenging temperatures & pressures, corrosive agents, as well as the gas/oil ratios. Intelligent selection of materials provide a superior ESP solution.
AC, DC, Dynamic, HV, LV, MV, Oil&Gas, Power Generation, Static, Submarine power cable, Subsea, Utility
Long-life power cable for safety, productivity and suitabilty for harsh environments. FPSO; platforms, jack-up rigs, MODUs benefit from our comprehensive line of advanced IEEE, IEC and Communications offshore and marine shipboard cables.
AC, DC, Dynamic, Static, Subsea
Our understanding of the special power cable used in the harshest of mining environments enables the supply of mining cable manufactured and tested to meet or exceed industry standards such as UL, CSA, MSHA, and OSHA. Cable can be supplied to meet Federal and Military Specifications JC-580B, NEC® Article 400 and RoHS.
Dynamic, Oil&Gas, Static, Subsea
Compact, high strength, flexible cables are required for underwater marine geophysical seismic exploration applications. Our seismic cables can be custom-designed and built to suit the needs of your particular project. Tow Cables; streamer cores; strength members; airgun array deck cables & ocean bottom cables (OBC) engineered and supplied.
AC, DC, Dynamic, HV, LV, MV, Static, Submarine power cable, Subsea, Utility
Defence cable engineering and supply specialists, frequently custom designed defence standard cable solutions, to some of the toughest military specifications. Global defence supply requires purchasing agreements with local engineering support to worldwide clients. Strong partnerships with major defence manufacturers breeds success.